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Friday, February 5, 2010

MisenPOPic Update 2/5/10

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This Redbox DVD machine phenomenon is awesome! Although I'm confined to only being able to rent new releases and no TV sets, the $1 price is extremely cost-efficient. There is a machine within walking distance from my place which makes it even more convenient, although I hate having to walk into a Wal-Mart to use the machine. Did you know that you can actually reserve new discs to guarantee it will be there for you to pick it up, and you can return the disc into any Redbox machine. Unless I want to go on a binge of classic movies or willing to have a marathon of TV shows on DVD, there is no need for me to ever walk into Blockbuster or opt toward Netflix. I just picked up Inglorious Basterds for $1 just so I can enjoy once again one of the greatest acting performances of all time by Christoph Waltz as Hans Landa. I just watched the first hour, and should bang out the second hour tomorrow afternoon. I also rented District 9, a movie that I wanted to see for some time. The movie was a surprise Oscar nomination, so I am also curious to see if it's truly deserving.

Friday afternoon means that the new Entertainment Weekly hits my mailbox. I'm a sucker for receiving magazines in my box, even if I don't have the time to read most of them cover to cover like the good old days. An interesting article that caught my eye was Jeff Probst ranking all 19 seasons of Survivor. Here is his list, and then of course as a fan who has been there for all 19 season, it's my turn as well.

Probst's List
1) Season 1: Borneo
2) Season 16: Fans/Favorites
3) Season 3: Samoa
4) Season 10: Palau
5) Season 7: Pearl Islands
6) Season 15: China
7) Season 8: All Stars
8) Season 2: Australia
9) Season 13: Cook Islands
10) Season 6: The Amazon
11) Season 18: Tocantins
12) Season 3: Africa
13) Season 12: Panama
14) Season 17: Gabon
15) Season 9: Vanuatu
16) Season 11: Guatemala
17) Season 17: Fiji
18) Season 4: Marquesas
19: Season 5: Thailand

Mikey's List
1) Season 2: Australia (Colby & Jerri)
2) Season 8: All Stars (Boston ROB!)
3) Season 13: Cook Islands (Ozzy & Yul)
4) Season 16: Fans/Favorites (Erik The Moron)
5) Season 1: Borneo (Richard Hatch)
6) Season 10: Palau (Tom & Ian)
7) Season 7: Pearl Islands (Rupert, Johnny Fairplay)
8) Season 6: The Amazon (Rob Cesternino)
9) Season 18: Tocantins (Coach!)
10) Season 4: Marquesas (Boston ROB!)
11) Season 15: China
12) Season 3: Africa
13) Season 19: Samoa
14) Season 9: Vanuatu
15) Season 17: Gabon
16) Season 12: Panama
17) Season 5: Thailand
18) Season 17: Fiji
19: Season 11: Guatemala
After this upcoming Heroes Vs. Villains season, I think it's time to move on from Survivor and of course all quote on quote reality shows.

Everybody ready for the Super Bowl this Sunday? I really have no reason to watch unless I'm involved in one of those box pools. So I made sure to get in my wife's pool at work, and I also met some other guy who seemed cool so I bought a $10 box in his pool. Of course, not everybody has a clue how to run one of these pools. Unless a miracle happens, I won't even have the sheet to know what my numbers are or my competition's numbers are, which kills the entire fun of the box pool. I'd like to win and have a history of doing well in these pools, but without the fun of shouting at the TV for field goals and safeties in order to reach my assigned points, there was no point of contributing to these pools. I love that people will go around collecting cash the Monday after the championship games end, but can't figure out to draw the numbers until the last possible moment!!! Uggh!

I might not be writing much this week because I'm going to be busy adding photos and captions to those photos. If you have not already seen my messages on facebook, I'll repeat once again. I'd like to see your photos of you chilling with pop culture legends, and have created a new page to feature these photos. Please send them to me and as long as I know who the celebrities are, I'll be happy to include the photos. I might have a quick movie review of District 9, and of course another movie symphony and Out There! article, but that will probably be it this week.

"Do The Super Bowl Shuffle!" as requested by Jim McMahon, Walter Payton, and the other Chicago Bears from 1985.



  1. yeah that redbox is great, they have it at the a & p, listen to this michele and i decided since it was going to snow we'd rent a movie, so we wanted to get the hurt locker, an odd gent in front of was going crazy telling us he just rents whatever movies he can even though he had no clue about mvoies so we gave him some recommendations. (we was excited to rent 12 rounds with john cena, thats how nuts this guy is) we are ready to select the hurt locker and its not showing up, then some guy comes in and tells us he had it out so he pops it machine, so we lucked out and got it in the nick of time still havent watched it yet though.

  2. Let me know what you think of The Hurt Locker. You will enjoy it, it's a great movie and the main character is awesome! Jeremy Renner isn't going to win the Oscar, but he definitely should because people will still be talking about his performance twenty years from now.