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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Misen POPic Update 2/4/10

As you can see, I've been pretty busy writing a lot, fixing the page with some new features, and beginning to roll on the MisenPOPic podcast with my buddy Heyliger. What I need of course is the support of my friends to tell their friends about it, and of course for them to provide feedback. This isn't only a site for me, but for everybody who enjoys pop culture including family, friends, and people who just happen to stumble upon this site. I want to see your photos with celebrities if you have them, and want to hear your predictions for awards also.

I've added the previous montage themes in case you want to flash back and appreciate the work of my good pal, Jim Veluta. I'm also in process of creating a page of photos of celebrities. I still need to write captions, but the photos are visible. You should see links on the top of page underneath the photo montage. One of those links is Photos with Pop Culture Legends. Again, for my friends out there, if you have photos I can add, I would be more than happy to include them. The more, the merrier. I also plan on creating a page of random pop culture lists to stir debate and most importantly to entertain. Well, even if nobody cares, at least I can continue to entertain myself.

See ya lata, alligators! In a while, crocodiles!



  1. I've got a few pics on my Facebook page that you can pull.

  2. cool deal, I checked before quickly but didn't see any. Although i thought you had a photo with Peter Criss and Elliott Yamin. I probably would only use photos of bands and people I know for now, but I'll work on it later. Peace!