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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Out There!: "Turning Around" by Jimmy Buffett

This one is dedicated to all the Parrotheads out there! For some of you, this article may be very beneficial as I introduce a rare Buffet song that I'm sure has never been performed live at one of his concerts. The song is Turning Around, from the 1985 movie soundtrack of Summer Rental. If there ever was one attempt Jimmy Buffett made to construct a formulaic 80's pop song, Turning Around is that one best effort.

Summer Rental is one of the move overlooked comedies of it's day which featured a great performance by the late John Candy. The movie included an amazing score contributed by the great Alan Silvestri in addition to the great song contributed by Jimmy Buffett that played over the end credits of the movie. The reason why I'm including this song as an Out There! song is because it's probably overlooked by his more casual fans. The only way to own the song on CD is to pay top dollar for the Summer Rental soundtrack which has been out of print for years. It has never been included on any of the hundreds of Jimmy Buffett greatest hits or live albums. Of course, it also was never released as a single. Perhaps you can hear the song while eating a burger at one of Jimmy Buffett's themed restaurants Cheeseburger in Paradise or Margaritaville. Although I love the song, I'm sure it is not appreciated by those who would rather hear the kind of music Buffett is best known for performing. But if you are a fan of obscure 80's songs featured in movies like I am, you should enjoy it.

Ladies and gentlemen and Parrotheads..... Turning Around by Jimmy Buffett


  1. I love this song. I wish it was on CD.

  2. I love this song!! wish he'd do it at his concerts! wonder if he realizes how much his die hard fans would love to hear this