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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

MisenPopic Movie Review: Michael Jackson's This Is It

Ever since I first laid eyes on the King of Pop back in 1983 when as a young boy of five I spent six hours a day watching music videos on MTV, I have been a fan. Simply put, he is the greatest entertainer I have ever seen. Usually when an artist is so well received by the masses, I question if perhaps it's a simple matter of overhype. Not with Michael Jackson. The man has no flaws as a musician. He can sing. He can dance. He can perform. Throughout the years, Michael has always brought a smile to my face with his sensational dance moves and timeless musical melodies. And the smiles continued tonight as I finally went to the cinema to see the last documented footage of Michael Jackson, This Is It.

This Is It is a documentary-style film that reveals some excellent footage of Michael Jackson's last tour before his untimely death. Just from the footage alone in this movie, oh my god! this was going to be an unbelievable concert. His dance troupe was phenomenal, and that band of his was totally out of this world. The blond guitarist from Australia (Orianthi Panagaris) really stood out for me because there is nothing sexier than a hot girl who can shred. The set list for the concert was interesting, although I'm curious why Michael seems to forget about his amazing songs from Off The Wall or his latest album Invincible for that matter. I'm not sure if certain songs were left out for some reason, because there were a few Jackson staples that I noticed were missing from the footage. (i.e. Bad, You Are Not Alone, Rock With You)

I really enjoyed the movie, but I'm not sure what all of the Oscar buzz is about. It was just another documentary in my view, only having a little bit more significance as it was our last glimpse of Michael Jackson's magic. The title of the movie, This Is It, seems appropriate after hearing the reviews. Don't get me wrong, the movie was enjoyable and a fitting tribute to MJ, but seemed a bit of a letdown after hearing the raves from critics. This Is It is a great closure to Michael Jackson's career, and I recommend it to all of his fans or anybody who might be born on a barn who has never had access to footage of Michael's pure brilliance. Definitely not an Oscar contender in my mind, though.

Final Grade: A-

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