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Monday, November 2, 2009

MisenPopic Update 11/2

Here I go procrastinating again. I have whole sheet of paper of topics to write about, and I keep putting it off. Actually, it's not procrastinating. I just have a difficult time prioritizing if I should write, watch Friday Night Lights or three of the other DVDs sitting on my living room table, tag my itunes collection, download new music, listen to all the new music I just got, catch up with people on facebook, catch up on TV shows on my DVR box, read other blogs, or get caught on Wikipedia. And I'm sure I'm forgetting ten other things. I am working on transcribing my interview with Clayton Rohner, and still waiting for the photos to go along with the blog. I also owe you all my review of the Chiller Show, some more little nuggets, a breakdown of Breaking Bad, and so much more. Work in progress, work in progress! Please be patient with me, and I'll definitely make it up to you. Enjoy the Yankees/Phillies game tonight. Go Phillies!!


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  1. Go Phillies?? You're breaking my heart, Mikey.