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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

MisenPopic Update 11/4

I was going to write a lot tonight, but it seriously took me almost three hours to transcribe my twenty minute interview with Clayton Rohner, and I still have a little bit more to go. I still have to write my introduction and explain why it was so important and special for me to have the opportunity to speak with one of my favorite actors. My brother is working on the audio file, and we hope to have it all up on Saturday. For those that know what I'm about, I think you are going to really enjoy it.

Because I'm now drained, I'm heading to bed tonight. I have a whole list of random topics for a quick Little Nuggets article, but it will have to wait for tomorrow. I also plan on having an article done about the Chiller Theatre shows I have attended and how blessed I am to have been able to meet some important actors, actresses, rock stars, and professional wrestlers in my life.

Still have to watch the series premiere of V, and get immersed in two more seasons of Friday Night Lights. I'm getting up to speed.

Peace out. Rock and roll all nite and party every day!


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