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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Out There!: "Wouldn't It Be Good" by Nik Kershaw

It there is one song that really defines the 80's, it would have to be Wouldn't It Be Good by Nik Kershaw. Yet, even though the song got a fair amount of radio play and the video constantly was played in MTV's rotation, the song failed to even crack the U.S. Top #40 chart in 1984. Even with Kershaw appearing at Live Aid in 1985 with a live performance of this song couldn't make the song a hit in America. Also strange since the song is one that most people my age remember if they don't recall who the actual artist was who sang it. Yet, over in Europe, Kershaw was a huge success with many Top 10 hits including Wouldn't It Be Good which peaked at #2 in Germany and Ireland, and #4 in England. Other artists such as Cascada and Placebo have even covered the song. The tune seems to now show up on VH1 80's countdowns and compilation albums at Target. I actually loved the song when it was released in 1984, but totally forgot about it until watching VH1 Classic when all the channel did was play retro videos in 2001 for it to return back into my consciousness.

Although Kershaw performed at Live Aid, and played guitar on Elton John's 80's hit tune Nikita, his solo career faded as his music become less commercial causing any of his fans he might have had left to bail on him. He continued to write songs and produce in the early 90's and was the genius behind another Out There! classic, The One And Only performed by Chesney Hawkes. The One And Only was a huge hit in England peaking at #1 in 1991 and also did fairly well in the United States thanks to it's appearance in the movie, Doc Hollywood. He also wrote tunes for The Hollies and a 90's boy band by the name of Let Loose. Since then, he's worked with Bonnie Tyler, Elton John, and Michael W. Smith. He writes and produces, but only performs on occasion at festivals in England. I don't think he could even sell out a small club here in the U.S. Although if the performance were in New Jersey, I would go in an instant.

Other random notes about this song: It was featured in the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories video game in the mid-00's. Ricky Gervais was a fan of the tune, using the song on his HBO show, Extras as well as in a special feature "Living with Ricky" on his Politics DVD. VH1 ranked it as the 88th of the 100 greatest one-hit wonders of the 80's. Be sure to also check out the retro video below featuring Kershaw as an alien with a chroma-keyed suit? Got to love those 80's videos.

Ladies and gentlemen... "Wouldn't It Be Good" by Nik Kershaw (I'm sure you will say "Holy crap! I remember that song" once you watch the video below!)

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  1. What an awesome song. It certainly holds up better than "Nikita" or "The One & Only". This would be great for karaoke!!