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Friday, February 19, 2010

MisenPOPic Update 2/19/10

When I created this blog, I thought I would try and compete with the other pop culture blogs on the web. Considering I think outside the box and love to put a personal spin on music, movies, and TV, it was a no-brainer that my blog would be one of the best. Unfortunately, with a lot going on in my personal life with a baby on the way and other priorities, I can't devote myself full time to writing like the other people do who either have a good economic situation or are better at organizing their priorities. The blog has become my #1 hobby though, and I will continue to be creative as well as write my thoughts and introduce people to some of the greatest but obscure stuff from the past, present, and future. But instead of trying to cater to a broader audience, for the time being I'm creating this website mainly for family and friends and of course for my own entertainment. Whether one person reads it or 1,000 people read it makes no difference to me. In time, I hope that it will stand out for being unique and "real", but I have to put less stress on myself about writing. Nothing should really change except there might a two day lag sometimes until new articles are posted. There also will be a lot more Out There! articles which I most enjoy writing. I'm still working on the photo and list pages which are almost done once I get finished with the introductions. And I'll still be doing the weekly podcasts with Mikey Heyliger discussing our thoughts on music and other fun stuff happening in the pop world. You can't get rid of me that easily!

You've read about my Chiller experiences, so it comes as no surprise that I'm getting psyched for the next show. My kid is due around the time of the show in mid-April, but I'm still holding out for a chance to attend. Mainly because there is one guest that I am dying to meet. That guest is Curtis Armstrong who played the role of one of my top five movie characters of all time, Dudley Dawson aka "Booger" from the Revenge Of The Nerds movies. Should I try and book an interview with him, or just let a conversation flow when I meet him? We'll see. I have tons of questions for him not only about Nerds, but also about his other roles in Risky Business, Better Off Dead, One Crazy Summer, Moonlighting, and American Dad. If I can't finagle a free photo out of him, I might have to cough up $10 because he is a legend in my mind!!

This year is off to bang for my buck (literally!) in terms of music. The only real new songs that have caught my attention have been the charity singles for Haiti which include the new Everybody Hurts single brought together by Simon Cowell and of course the new We Are The World 2010 mess of a song. I've been a good boy and donated money on itunes to add them to the collection.

Well, that was true until today! Right now there is an early frontrunner for 2010 Song Of The Year. Thanks to feedback from my brother and hearing the tune while trying to wake up every morning, I've become a fan of Lady Antebellum's new song, Need You Now. Even though they are a country band, this tune has an old-school pop flavor with a catchy melody. Check it out below.

Hopefully, by the end of next week I will have all of these additional pages finished so I can focus more on expressing my thoughts in new articles about the latest doings in the pop culture world. Tomorrow night, I'll be hitting the Air Supply concert in Morristown to hear the beautiful voice of Russell Hitchcock belting out classic love songs, so a review is definitely going to be written on Sunday. I'm also excited with the news that Breaking Bad is returning on March 21st, and the first two seasons will be available on demand as well as reairing on AMC weeknights beginning on March 9th. I strongly urge you to give this show a chance. It's the best drama on TV, and have I ever steered you in the wrong direction before?

I'm also thoroughly enjoying the last season of Lost even if the show is giving us more questions than answers. This season of Survivor with the best heroes and villains of all time is amazing TV, and I'm marking out for Boston Rob to win since he's probably the most charismatic character ever on that show. I was going to give up on American Idol, but since an old friend's son made it to the Top 24, I might not only have to watch but even call in to keep him on the show. His name is Tyler Grady, and he has a decent shot to make the Top 4!!

Enjoy the weekend, amigos and amigas!


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