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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Music That Matters (Top 50 Movie Symphonies: #23 Parenthood Montage by Randy Newman)

I've always envisioned a whole group of my family and friends in the hospital waiting room anticipating whether I am going to have a baby boy or a baby girl when my wife is in process of giving birth. And once I run out with the announcement, the waiting room becomes the scene for a big celebration with champagne, cigars, and simply a lot of love between everyone in the room. This vision isn't totally original, though, I got the vision from a scene in one of my favorite movies of all time, Parenthood. This scene happens at the end of the film as there seems to be a few members of the Buckman family bringing babies into the world. And the entire family is all giddy and together as a dynamic unit in the hospital waiting area. And while this all is happening, there is a brilliant piece of music playing that just warms my heart. That song is the #23rd song on the countdown, and it's called "Karen & Gil/Montage" by Randy Newman. The Parenthood soundtrack is pretty difficult to track down, and finding this song on Youtube just was not possible. I don't even remember how I was even able to add it to my collection.

Of course, I have to remember to bring my ipod to the hospital and have it playing after the birth of my child which is happening in less than three months. Wow, boy!

I wasn't able to find a video clip with this great song, and don't have the time to create a flash audio file, so please enjoy Randy Newman's Oscar-nominated song, I Love To See You Smile, from Parenthood as a suitable replacement.

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