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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Best Of YouTube!!!! (January)

Here are some more real gems from my past, present, and future that I'd like to share with you for the month of January!

I've been pretty adamant that Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is still the movie that I most enjoyed. When CBS announced they would be broadcasting a Bill & Ted Saturday morning cartoon produced by Hanna Barbara one year later, I was thrilled. Alex Winter, Keanu Reeves, and George Carlin even did the voice work for their characters giving the cartoon instant credibility. The show lasted on CBS only for less than a season, and was the last original Hanna-Barbara cartoon ever produced for CBS. The following year, the cartoon was produced by DIC Entertainment and aired on Fox. The quality of the show worsened, and Winter, Reeves, and Carlin did not lend their voices for the second-rate production. Below is the opening credits montage for the CBS version which included a cheesy but cool theme tune.

Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor did four movies together but Stir Crazy was the one that really utilized their comedic brilliance. Filmed in 1980 with Pryor still high on cocaine during the entire shoot per Gene Wilder's autobiography, and it didn't taint his performance at all. Watch the classic "We Bad!" scene below to see what comedy is all about.

The Karate Kid III might be viewed as a horrible movie by most people, but I love it and will defend it until the day I die. Terry Silver gave up all of business interests simply to gain revenge for his friend, John Kreese. Below is the audition of director John G. Avildsen's son, Jonathan, for the part of Mike Barnes that eventually went to soap opera heart throb Sean Kanan. Not to worry as nepotism helped Avildsen get his pinnacle role as Snake, Mike Barnes personal assistant in The Karate Kid Part III. You might remember him for his catch phrase "You Know It!" which should have made AFI's Top 100 Movie Quotes of all time. Below is the screen test Jonathan Avildsen did for the role, it's pretty awful. Notice that the girl playing Daniel's love interest is not Robyn Lively from the movie, but Leanna Creel who is best known for playing Tori on the final season of Saved By The Bell.

If I could shoot one celebrity and not go to prison or get the death sentence for my actions, I would take out Dane Cook. The guy has absolutely no talent, but due to good self-publicizing on myspace, became a huge name on the comedy circuit and is now getting major roles in movies and dating starlets. And teenagers think he is the funniest person of all time with no knowledge of true comedians like Steve Martin, Richard Pryor, and Rodney Dangerfield. Great minds think alike as the writers of Family Guy feel the same way as this no-talent hack. Below is a quick gag on Dane Cook that pretty much says it all. I wanted to get a better clip, but this was the only one I could find.

Eventually I will pay more more of a tribute to the following song from Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star. The song might be poorly written, but just look at the talent associated with this group song about former child stars who don't want to be bothered in public. Dustin Diamond (Screech), Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady), the trio from Threes Company, Leif Garrett, The Brady boys, Jeff Conaway, Erin Moran (Joanie Cunningham), Adam Rich (Nicholas Bradford from Eight Is Enough), Todd Bridges, and Gary Coleman just to name a few. Take a look at the clip below if you haven't already seen the movie and you will feel so nostalgic seeing this crop of B-list and C-list celebrities from the 70's and 80's TV shows my generation has loved so much.

This burlesque strip show with a Star Wars theme definitely appeals to a lot of people I know. Hell, even I would be entertained or probably be laughing my ass off if I actually was in attendance for this. Girls removing storm trooper uniforms, Jabba The Hutt lard, and C3P0's armor is truly the work of somebody who thinks outside the box. Just hope George Lucas doesn't get wind of this! Check it out for a good laugh.

And on that note, I'm out of here. More classic videos that you might have missed coming in February.



  1. Its too bad the studio wouldn't allow Pryor to play the sheriff in Blazing Saddles. That would have been the greatest Pryor/Wilder team up by far. Its already one of the greatest comedies ever with Pryor as a co-writer, but if he had been able to play that part the movie could have gone to even another level.

  2. Agreed. Blazing Saddles was good, but Pryor and Wilder together in that movie would have been outstanding!! But Stir Crazy is classic. Don't forget they also made a great team in See No Evil, Hear No Evil and also Silver Streak. As for Another You with Pryor acting even with his illness being noticable, well I can't say because I never saw it even if critics panned it.