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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sporcle Alert!!!: Mikey's Top 100 TV Shows Ever

I am addicted to Sporcle. If you left me in a room with nothing but a bed, a toilet, some food, my ipod and a computer that I can only use Sporcle, I'd be content. If you don't know what Sporcle is, you are missing out on the ultimate trivia machine. Hours upon hour of trivia games involving lists of random facts. And finally, I now have the ability to create my own Sporcle puzzles so I naturally fooled around today creating the first of many personal Sporcle puzzles for my fans and family to play. I'd also love to test my knowledge of my friends' personal sporcle puzzles, so get moving on this yourselves.

I'm still trying to figure out how to create the best-looking puzzles, but here is my first one. It's the list of my Top 100 TV Shows of all time. Keep in mind that this includes not only prime-time sitcoms and dramas, but also game shows, music info shows, cartoons, and wrestling programs. I talk about my favorite shows all of the time, so how many of them can you guess? I'm thinking of creating one per week, and maybe offering some kind of prize for the person who answers best. Click on the link below to begin and have fun!:

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