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Monday, December 7, 2009

Out There!: "Rolene" by Moon Martin

Finally, I am going to write about a classic 70's rock tune that has been a long time coming. This was going to be my next piece when writing for Sonic Clash, but I kept pushing it aside for other tunes even though it must to be presented to the general public. I'm sure you know the classic 70's rocker "Bad Case Of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)" from Robert Palmer, and it's been assumed that he wrote the tune himself. If this was a trivia contest and you answered true to this statement, you would lose some points. It was actually a cover from a lesser-known artist named Moon Martin who also happened to be on the same record label, Capitol Records. Palmer had a lot more success with the song, landing it at #14 on the Top 40 Charts in 1979. It has also been featured in numerous commercials for Dr. Pepper and on medical dramas such as House. Moon Martin must have received some nice royalty checks for writing it. Although Moon Martin never reached acclaim for his own songs that he recorded, he did provide the pop world with one of the best little-known rockin' songs of all time.

Who is Moon Martin, you ask? He actually was born John Martin, but nicknamed Moon because most of the lyrics in his music actually had the word moon in them. Moon originally began his career as a rockabilly artist before transforming into a pop/rock artist. Before he actually got his own recording contract, he played and wrote three songs for Wendy Phillips in 1976. In 1978 upon getting his own deal, Moon Martin recorded his first album in 1978 which featured the original version of Bad Case Of Loving You. But his 1979 album did a lot better peaking at #80 on the Billboard Albums chart. The reason being was due to the hit single, Rolene. Rolene peaked at #30 and stuck on the charts for four weeks. It would be Moon Martin's only Top 40 Hit, but he never ever appears on lists or countdowns of the top one-hit wonders of the 70's!

Rolene has a great guitar riff that sounds like an AC/DC tune at a slower tempo. It's got to be one of the most underrated classic rock songs of all time. Every time I hear it, it makes me to get out my chair and rock out on the air guitar like Rudy from Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids. Although do you know anybody with the name of Rolene? Think maybe wife will allow me to have my daughter be the first? Probably not!

Ladies and gentleman..... Rolene by Moon Martin

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  1. great song, is it just me or does this song sound similar to Foreigner's "Dirty White Boy" (which ironically came out right around the same time as this song)?