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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Out There!: "Penny & Me" By Hanson

Back in 1997 and 1998, Hanson was the hottest boy band on the planet. But unlike the other boy bands like Backstreet Boys and N SYNC, Hanson could actually play and write good music. So we were made to believe their pop hits MMMBop, Where's The Love, and Weird were genuine classics. And those teenage girls sure couldn't stop screaming for the Hanson boys. Well at least until the next big thing came along as history usually repeats itself. Soon enough Taylor, Isaac, and Zach were left out to pasture. They got dropped from Island Def Jam Records after their third album because they wanted to branch out with more creative freedom, but the label only wanted to keep marketing them to teens. So they branched out and formed their own record label, 3CG Records. As they got older and wiser, they also began writing much better music. But nobody seemed to care. They were yesterday's news to the kids, although the coffeehouse crowd were starting to discover their talents.

In 2004, a little little song called Penny & Me was released by Hanson with little buzz. The song is much more p0lished than their cheesy pop junk from the late 90's, and it seems the band has fully grown up. The song's title actually doesn't reference a girl named Penny, but is a reference to the Beatle's classic tune, Penny Lane. Taylor Hanson states that the song is about how music weaves through your life and how it ties in to all your loved ones and friends. Hmm, what a nice message. I too believe that music and songs define our lives and link us to certain memories that we've shared with our loved ones. Penny & Me did debut at #2 on the Billboard Top 100 Singles Sales, but failed to chart at all on the U.S. Billboard Top 200. Although it did peak at #10 on the UK charts, and had some life in Norway and Ireland. Hanson is still making music although I doubt we'll ever see them in the spotlight again. They have grown up and now have their own kids who maybe can match their daddies. Taylor even played with the super group Tinted Windows this past year, and I personally felt their self-titled debut album was one of the best I've heard this year. Maybe Taylor Hanson does still have some legs to stand on in the music business. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Ladies and gentlemen.... Penny & Me by Hanson. Enjoy!


  1. The single "Penny & Me" didn't chart, but the album it came from, "Underneath", debuted in the Top 20 of the charts and was a modest hit. Hanson still has a very local cult of fans (including me-I thought "Underneath" was one of the best of the year it came out).

  2. The album debuted well than quickly dropped. Hanson still has fans, but those fans are loyal fans or got into them after the craze. All of those high school girls in the late 90's don't care about them anymore. Penny & Me was a great song, but with lack of promotion or radio play, a lot of people never heard of it. I love the song. I also didn't mind Hanson's music back in the 90's.

  3. I could definitely do without ever hearing "Mmmbop" again, but the stuff they recorded once Taylor's balls dropped has been pretty good. The Tinted Windows album was pretty solid.

  4. Yeah I have the Tinted Windows album, and it's one of my top 5 albums of the year. Hope they stick around.