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Monday, December 28, 2009

Out There! "The One And Only" by Chesney Hawkes

Over the past few days I have been ever so busy downloading some hidden gems from 80's and 90's movie soundtracks. There was one song I added that totally blew me away due to the fact that I had loved the song back in 1991 but for some reason forgot about it ever since. The song is "The One And Only" which ironically would be the perfect title for the artist who recorded it, Chesney Hawkes. Why you ask? Because it would be his one and only hit song! The song was written by another 80's one-hit wonder, Nik Kershaw, who I'm sure you will hear about in a future Out There! blog. "The One And Only" was originally recorded for the 1991 British movie titled Buddy's Song which starred Hawkes as Buddy and Roger Daltrey of The Who as his father. The song blew up on the UK charts in 1991 spending five weeks at the #1 spot. But how did I know about the song since Buddy's Song wasn't a movie that a fourteen year old kid would have known about back in the early 90's? Because it was also featured in the 1991 Summer movie Doc Hollywood starring Michael J. Fox, Woody Harrelson, and Julie Warner. Like Chesney Hawkes, Julie Warner's career also never took enough. Her only other major role was playing Chris Farley's love interest in Tommy Boy a few years later. I'll always remember her legendary nude scene in Doc Hollywood. Back in 1991, my brother and I would watch it over and over again after taping it from HBO as I held one finger on the play button and the other on the rewind button. Remember we didn't have DVR back then!! Anyway, back to the classic song: The One And Only was also a hit in the United States peaking at #10 on the Billboard US 200 Chart. The video got some airplay on MTV, but then Chesney Hawkes faded away into obscurity. He never even showed up on any one-hit wonder countdowns, or Where Are They Now? programs, while his great song evaporated from my consciousness until a few days ago. For those of you in your thirties who were conscious of pop culture back in the early 90's, listen to the tune below and it might even pop back into your brain as well.

Ladies and gentlemen.... A real treat for you. The One And Only by Chesney Hawkes.

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