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Monday, December 28, 2009

Music That Matters: Top 50 Movie Symphonies (#32 The Imperial March by John Williams)

Okay so we are back to the countdown. At #32 is a movie anthem that you all know very well. You've heard it at sporting events, you've heard it at concerts, you've heard it when Roger Federer took the court at the U.S. Open, and you heard it in your head when your in-laws came over for the holidays this past week. It's the Imperial March first heard in The Empire Strikes Back. Of course the genius behind it is John Williams. The Imperial March is also sometimes referred to the Darth Vader theme as it seems to act as the motif whenever Darth Vader appears on screen. The tune can be heard in all Star Wars films except Episode IV. Since its 1980 release "The Imperial March" has become synonymous with tyranny. It's so powerful and dark, yet so beautiful if that even makes sense.

Ladies and gentlemen... #32 The Imperial March from John Williams

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  1. I remember this song. I heard it on American Top 40 for weeks and remember being confused because aside from AT40, no radio station EVER played that song. Nice one!