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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Music That Matters: Top 50 Movie Symphonies (#35 Daniel & Kumiko by Bill Conti)

As you can see from this countdown, I'm a big fan of Bill Conti's work. At #35 is yet another masterpiece from the master. It's titled "Daniel and Kumiko" from The Karate Kid Part II. And once again Bill Conti has again created a melody for the ages. Although I just discovered while doing research for this article that he used a synthesized pan pipe instead of collaborating again with Gheorge Zamfir. Zamfir was the virtuoso pan pipe player featured on the soundtrack for the first Karate Kid movie for you trivia buffs out there. We hear this great tune during a key scene between Daniel and his new friend Kumiko. It takes place close to end of the movie as we have found out that Miyagi will not fight Sato and will return home with Daniel the next day. Daniel is probably pissed because he still hasn't sealed the deal with his new friend who happens to be an Oriental hottie! So she performs the traditional tea ceremonyto celebrate finding a new love before Daniel leaves. It also might be a precursor to some hot sex with this dude she just met a few days ago. There is no dialogue at all in the scene as Kumiko performs the ancient tea ritual spinning the cup this way and that way as Daniel can do nothing but smile and hold back his giant erection. All we hear is the music to symbolize the emotions of both Daniel-San and Kumiko. The beauty of the scene as Kumiko with the desperate look in her eyes indicating she is sad is amazing, and a great acting job by Tamlyn Tomita. Toward the end of the song as the pan pipe's volume rises , Kumiko takes the sticks out of her hair letting it flow down to her shoulders. It is such a strangely erotic scene, and I can't imagine how Daniel doesn't just jump over the teakettle and rip her kimono robe off. The scene climaxes with a kiss. Yet, before the clothes come off, a terrible storm is on the rise. Kumiko tells Daniel that they must warn others and head towards safety. A total blue balls moment for Daniel, and judging by those tight jeans he was wearing at the ceremony, he must have been in a lot of pain. See, these are the things I think about when watching movies. I know, I have problems! :)

Ladies and gentlemen.... #35 Daniel & Kumiko from The Karate Kid Part II

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