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Thursday, December 17, 2009

MisenPOPic Update 12/17

I have been writing the KISS Hall Of Fame piece in my brain for the past few days, but once again got sidetracked and won't be able to post it today. I hope to devote some time tomorrow to run through it and make sure it lives up to the hype.

So my buddy Jim text messages me today with the news that Bret Hart has signed a deal with the WWF (it never will be the WWE in my vocabulary!) Who knows if it is true or why Bret would return to the company that screwed him over, used his dismissal as a way to establish Vince McMahon's TV persona, poked fun at him numerous times over the years, and was responsible for the death of his brother. It has been thirteen years since the infamous Montreal screwjob, at this point does anybody care? The answer would be yes, if done correctly, it could be the greatest storyline in the history of professional wrestling. It also ight be time to start watching wrestling again now that Vince has some new competition from TNA which is being booked by The Hulkster. TNA is running a live show against RAW in a few weeks, and should it be done correctly without egos getting in the way, we have another war on our hands in which the winner is going to be us. With Bret's signing in order to compete with TNA, I'm going to have to remember to turn on the USA Network on Monday nights.

Anyway, got Survivor to watch in a few minutes, and then working on some music playlists. You all have a great night, and I'll be back with some more goodies tomorrow.


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