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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

MisenPOPic Update 12/16

Got a brand new photo montage dedicated to my favorite women on TV over the past thirty two years. Think you have what it takes to name them all? You'll probably get most of them except for the one beauty in the last box in the top row. I'll give you a hint, she's related to Paris Hilton. Does that even help?

I'm still reeling over the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame's diss yet once again to KISS. Another Fuck You moment thanks to Jan Werner and his so called panel of music experts. I'm preparing a whole essay to settle it once and for all why KISS should be inducted. It's not just important to me as a KISS Army member, it's important to me as a fan of the history of music. Simply unacceptable and to quote another band with zero chances of making the hall, I'm not going to take it anymore! I was going to get it up today, but things suddenly came up!!!

I'll get a retro Out There! article up soon to keep the momentum going. But that will be all today as I finish up Friday Night Lights, read some more Bill Simmons, play some Mario, and download and tag almost two hundred songs. Since I'm not giving you much to read today, I suggest taking a look at The Buttery Goodness Brothers Website and listening to some real gems from legendary movies from the 80's that today's youth will never even know about. Check it out by clicking HERE

Eep-opp-ork-ah-ah! (C'mon, you know that means I love you!)


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