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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

MisenPOPic Update 12/1

We finally got a new collage photo up which I'm sure you can figure out what the themeis . The real question is can you guess the 10 pop cultural icons in the photos, MON? Shoot me a comment with who you think the 10 people are in the photo and the actual theme Winners get their name mentioned in the blog, and a possible prize.

It's really neat to see my writing has improved. I was looking at some old stuff that I had written years ago, and it really did look like a second grader wrote it. Probably because I read so damn much, I'm subconsciously writing at a better pace. Stephen King would be proud, although it's really hard for me to heed his major advice of never using adverbs when writing. That is just way too difficult for me to do, I'm just an adverb kind of guy. So what if my adjectives sometimes end with LY.

Going to watch Glee in a few minutes. It might be the dumbest show I have ever seen, and I can't stop watching it every Wednesday night. For example, the male stud on the show Phinn thinks he knocked up his girlfriend because some sperm came out of his swimsuit while kissing in the hot tub. Can't he just speak to a real doctor or do some research on-line. Also the music teacher flirts with the guidance counselor who is now getting married to the gym teacher even if they aren't intimate with each other and have no chemistry. And the wife of the glee teacher is faking a pregnancy although he'd have to be a real idiot not to figure it out. And these are just a few of absurdities of the show. Did I also mention that the most effeminate actor of all time is on this show? I have nothing against gay people, but this guy deserves to be bitch slapped. That's that, I'll still go and enjoy the campiness of the show and hope Lea Michelle wears something tight.



  1. I think I've officially given up on Glee. I tried REALLY hard to get into the show, but it's just stupid to me. The plotlines are so surreal it's hard to take it seriously. Besides, everyone seems like a stereotype, kinda. The jock, the cheerleader, the gay kid, the sassy black chick. None of the characters is very three dimensional. I'd rather watch "Modern Family" on Wednesday nights anyway (although I think they just moved it to Tuesdays, so I guess I won't be watching ANYTHING on Wednesday nights now).

  2. Is the boxer Lennox Lewis? I don't know who the runner is, but the other eight folks are Sean Kingston, Shaggy, Sean Paul, Jimmy Cliff, Grace Jones, Patrick Ewing, Bob Marley and Ziggy Marley.

  3. it's actually a Jamaican wrestler named Kofi Kingston, and the runner is Usain Bolt, the fastest men on the planet and maybe of all time. Good job on the other guesses.