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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Calling Dr. Love: The Greatness Of Doctor Oz

When I can spend some quality time with my wife watching television, the lottery has been won. Thanks to me, my wife now is hooked on Dexter, Lost, Flash Forward, and American Idol (even is she has already villified Adam Lambert). And I'm a team player. Got to be because we are tag team champions of the world. So I'm willing to suck it up and watch her shows also. And by golly, it's really hard to sit through some of the crap she watches. I've already said no to the Real Housewives of NJ, and can't stomach watching all the HGTV programs seeing people who don't matter to me talking about buying a new house. I always want to hurl watching Oprah or Dr. Phil considering they care more about their own images than the people on the show they are supposed to be caring about. I get stuck watching Wheel Of Fortune, which in my mind is really just Jeopardy for the idiots who weren't too smart to get on the show. And I did like Desperate Housewives for the first season, until it just got way too over the top that I had the desire to punch Teri Hatcher in the face because no woman could be slutty and stupid as she is. But over the past few weeks, she has introduced to me one of her shows that I must say is pretty well done. That show is Dr. Oz.

For those of you who can't watch TV in the daytime, let give you some insight on this great new show. It features a middle-aged doctor named Mehmet Oz who provides random information on all types of health issues including nutrition, sex, diseases, fitness, and the silly stuff. He wears the scrubs, and the women in his audience love him. I must give some credit to Oprah as she was the one to introduce us to this crazy cat. Dr. Oz had been a regular on her show for the past five years before developing his own show in September. I didn't realize that it's a fairly new show in syndication during the afternoon. There are no false pretenses on this show, and this guy seems legit in wanting to pass on some great information to help you better your lifestyle. I can't stop watching this show when Dawn puts it on 3:00 on FOX. and might have to start DVRing this show everyday. It's a well-produced show, nothing over the top, that reminds me of the simple talk shows back in the 90's. Watch out for this guy, he could possibly take Oprah's spot in 2010 and rule the daytime television world pretty soon. And I must give thanks to my lovable wife for introducing this cool and informative show to me.

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