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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Best Of YouTube!!!! (December)

If I could spend all day watching videos on Youtube, I would love it. There are some really creative people out there who have reworked some classics. I also love the great clips on Youtube that remind me of my childhood when things were simpler and pop culture was a lot more creative. It also saves my money traying to track down some of this stuff at conventions, although another challenge is gone thanks to the internet. I figured each month I will include six to eight viral videos on the MisenPOPic blog that deserve recognition. These videos have made an impact on me and hopefully should also bring a smile to your face. Or at least bring attention to some great things that you missed out on! Enjoy!

Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) Mock Video- You have to give major props to these guys! A shot for shot recreation of the legendary music video for Journey's classic tune. This video won second place at the BYU/Idaho film festival. How they didn't win first prize is a travesty!

No Easy Way Out from Rocky IV Mock Video - Whenever I'm in a nostalgic mood or just need to drive away to clear my head, I'll get in my car and set the iPod to the classic song from Robert Tepper and imitate Rocky Balboa. These guys did a magnificent job recreating the scene from Rocky IV shot by shot.

Hearts On Fire From Rocky IV Mock Video- Yet another shot by shot recreation of the Training Montage from Rocky IV featuring the same actors. Another job well done!

Sweep The Leg Video from No More Kings- I know I've shown this one to a lot of people, but every Karate Kid fan who checks out this site needs to view it if they haven't seen it already. It features the characters from the classic movie including Kreese, Bobby, Jimmy, Tommy ("Put him in a body bag, yeah!"), and of course Johnny. It's a fitting tribute and finale to the Karate Kid movies seen through the eyes of Johnny Lawrence. In an ironic twist, the video was actually directed by the man, the myth, the legend William Zabka himself. Doesn't hurt that the song is pretty catchy as well. There is another big surprise at the end of the video, but I'll leave it for you to check it out and totally mark out.

Psycho Dad from Married With Children- I loved Married With Children, and think that I appreciate the humor a lot more now that I'm older and married. The best part of the show was when Al's favorite show came on the air. That show was Psycho Dad, and would always bring a smile to his face as he sang along to the various theme songs. It also brings a smile to my face as well. I guess Al deserved some happiness, and could fantasize being the Psycho Dad. Just listen to the lyrics, hilarious!

Billy Idol White Wedding Video (Literal Version)- Imagine if all music videos matched the actual lyrics? Never going to happen, but the creative genius behind this video decided to write a new version of the song to match it to the actual video. There are now a bunch of these on the internet, but this one right now is my favorite. It's done so well that it even looks like Billy Idol is singing the updated version.

Apache Vs. AC/DC Video- The Apache viral video has become an internet sensation. So it was only a matter of time until the creative people out there got their hands on spicing it up. For this video, the actual tune has been changed to Rock Your Heart Out from AC/DC. But could you really tell the difference with those funky dudes jamming away on their guitars?

More to come next month. Hopefully I'll find even more great ones!

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