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Sunday, November 8, 2009

MisenPOPic Update 11/6/09

WOW!!!!! Dexter's new episode might have the series back on track, and the Mad Men season finale was outstanding. I wish I could go into detail about what happened on Mad Men , or what's going to happen next season, but I know some people who still haven't caught up on the past seasons or even given the show a chance yet, so I'll refrain. Check out for a full recap that I only dream I could write with such attention to detail. With Breaking Bad, the final season of Lost, and the 20th Anniversary of Survivor All-Star Edition on the way, 2010 looks to be an exciting season of TV.

Still trying to finalize the graphic for the site, but I want to give a shout out to my pal Jim Veluta for creating an amazing logo and working to make the opening image up to par. Unfortunately, he has to deal with an obsessive-compulsive guy like me who is hard to please, but he's doing a great job.


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