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Thursday, October 22, 2009

MisenPOPic Update 10/22/09

Baby steps, baby steps. I'm getting into a rhythm as I attempt to bring it from one to two posts a day, and then two to three, and then enough posts to become a full time blogger trying to establish a blog that's a bit unique and different. I've realized it's so tough now that everybody and their mother are doing pop culture lists and what not, so I'm thinkin of sticking with personal stories about pop culture and also doing interviews with lesser-known stars from the 70's and 80's. I should have two or three interviews lined up which will be coming soon.

I plan on introducing you to a new TV show on Friday, and then I'm off to see Paul Anka in New Brunswick. His songs are timeless, and it might get a little dusty in the theatre when he sings "Times Of My Life", a staple of all Bar Mitzvah videos made in early 90's.

Looks like Survivor is going to be memorable tonight, which is good because this season has been all over the place. Also have a new episode of The Office, and still trying to determine if Flash Forward is worth watching every week.



  1. Paul Anka, Mikey? Seriously??

  2. seriously. Paul Anka was a staple in the Hersh household when I was a kid. I'm going with my parents, in-laws, and wife. He is still kind of relevant, he wrote the new Michael Jackson song.