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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

MisenPOPic Update 2/2/10

So much time and so little to do. Strike that, reverse that last sentence. Today is a big day for me and especially my brain. Even though awards ceremonies are a joke and mean nothing, there still is a big place in my heart for the history of cinema and always enjoy when the Oscar nominations are announced. I wish I had time to review today, but it will have to wait until tomorrow. I just am really happy Jeremy Renner got the nomination for Best Actor. Truly deserving of the nomination is he, although it's a foregone conclusion that the award is Jeff Bridges' to lose. I'm also happy to note that I have seen six of the nominees for Best Picture (Avatar, Up, Up In The Air, The Hurt Locker, Inglorious Basterds, and The Blind Side) and with the exception of the last movie in that list, all are deserving. I also need to go out and rent District 9.

I'm so absorbed with news about this new We Are The World single which has got my mind spinning with thoughts on future Out There! articles featuring some of the lesser-known charity tunes. I hopefully will be able to enlighten you all and maybe bring back some memories of two of these songs. One of them features only Canadians, while another might just be the cheesiest heavy metal song of all time.

Of course the big deal of the day is the season premiere of Lost tonight. It's been a long wait, and because it's the final season, I hope to get some answers to some of the questions that have been plaguing my mind for the past five seasons. Although I will be sorry to see it go, I'm glad it will get a proper ending and not get dragged on and on like most high rating dramas seem to do. The montage this week pays tribute to my favorite characters from the show with the exception of the two female characters who I only added because I didn't want it to appear that I'm not only interested in men. For my fellow Lost fans out there, enjoy the show and I can't wait to hear your comments tomorrow. Where are we, Charlie asked in season one, and finally we will understand what the island is all about.

To end with a quote from Desmond: See you in another life, brotha!



  1. I saw District 9 but if you were going to nominate a Sc-Fi movie it should have been Star Trek, its far better than District 9. As for the winner, I think it SHOULD be Up, but that will never happen. It will be Avatar or The Hurt Locker and in The Hurt Locker is flat out superior so hopefully that will win.

  2. I think Avatar is going to get best picture, but Hurt Locker will win best director. Or maybe it will go opposite. Up will win best animated feature and just the fact it's the only the second animated film ever nominated for best picture pretty much indicates how good a movie it is. I didn't love it as much as you did, but I did think it was a great movie.