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Friday, February 12, 2010

MisenPOPic Update 2/12/10

So much to write about, but I'm still working on the additional pages which include pop culture photos and music/movie lists, so my thoughts in writing will have to come in short waves. I did have to write a quick piece on the We Are The World 2010 version, but I'm sure I'll have more to talk about next week after the song gets more ingrained in my head. I might have been too harsh!

I wish I could write a ton about the Survivor premiere of Heroes Vs. Villains last night, but again I'm pressed for time. I'm happy Sugar got the boot, much deserved! I think Russell is next if the villains go to tribal, although next week's preview indicates at my favorite player of all time, Boston Rob, might be in trouble (physically!) I want to write so much more, but just not enough time or energy.

I could have added another celebrity photo today to my collection today, but I'm beginning to realign my priorities. So it didn't happen! World famous novelist Jackie Collins was in the NYC Borders near MSG just to see how her new book was being merchandised. I only knew it was her because I saw her appearance on some random daytime talk show for women yesterday and detected her British accent. I'm sure I could have had somebody take a photo of me and her on my cell phone as she looked very gracious speaking to the manager of the store and other customers. I called my mom to find out if Collins was one of her favorite authors, then I'd have a legit reason to ask for a photo opportunity to make my mom happy. But my mom informed me that she wasn't a fan, so I didn't bother. I figured I should probably stick to my plan of only approaching celebrities that actually matter. Although if it were Stephen King, I'd have been stalking him in a heartbeat.

I'm trying to write more, but my time is being too consumed with formatting these lists which can take hours due to my OCD making sure everything is lined up properly. How did I get these genes!!!!


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