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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Out There!: "Somebody Farted" by Bobby Jimmy & The Critters

Did you know there was a semi-hit old-school hip hop song about flatulence back in 1985? I didn't know this until right after college when I began collecting all the great songs of the past, present, and future. Back in high school, every time a student let off a little gas, they always had to shout "Safety!" or else people could keep on punching them in the arm until they figured out the magic word to make it stop. My wife would be happy to tell you that I subconsciously always say that magic word still even not although I know she'll never hit me. What I also learned in high school was a few people who would sing during class the lyrics, Somebody Farted, oh oh oh oh! I never knew until later that they were actually singing the chorus from an actual song called Somebody Farted by Bobby Jimmy & The Critters.

There isn't much information about Bobby Jimmy & The Critters other than they were a Los Angeles comedy rap group who started in the late 80's. Bobby Jimmy actually is Russell Dean Parr, a pretty popular radio host of a nationally syndicated morning show heard by millions of people. He also has done voice-over work, and various comedy impersonations while on his way to stardom. He also ran his own record label in the mid eighties, Rapsur Records, and later was signed to Easy E's label Ruthless Records where his stuff was produced by a young up and comer named Dr. Dre. Bobby Jimmy has a few novelty songs, but nothing as memorable as Somebody Farted. The song itself is pretty silly, but good for a laugh or two. I'd also recommend it to the DJ at the bar to spin the record when a drunk goofball lets one rip so bad that it clears the dance floor. There was no music video ever shot, and the song didn't chart. But it's probably the best song that people might not know about cutting the cheese.

Ladies and gentlemen... Somebody Farted by Bobby Jimmy & The Critters.


  1. I love this song. It came out way after 1985, though. It was a parody of MC Hammer's "Let's Get it Started", which came out in 1988 or 1989, so I actually don't think this song came out until 1990 or so.

    "She did it again...ripped a hole in the seat! My girlie farted!"

  2. funny because I have it listed as 1990 in my itunes collection, but some web sites list it as 1985 so I changed it. Might have to change it back. thanks, dude!