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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

MisenPOPic Update 1/5/10

There isn't really a lot going on right now in the world of pop culture, with the exception of a possible resurgence of professional wrestling now that TNA has become a possible threat to Vince McMahon and his precious WWE. If Hulk Hogan truly has changed his mindset per his last autobiography that I read, hopefully he can provide a threat to the kid-friendly WWE. I'm not in a great mood to write a whole plethora of stuff about the Bret Hart situation, but I will admit seeing him on RAW for the first time in twelve years brought a lot of joy to the Hersh household last night. The guy has always entertained me with his wrestling ability, and the fact that he might be the most charismatic person I have ever seen on television. To also see him and Shawn Michaels, two guys who might respect but sure don't like each other, reconcile in the ring was the greatest moment in wrestling since Chris Jericho's WWF debut in 2000. Let's hope Vince McMahon's large ego doesn't screw up what could be the wrestling angle that brings back the legions of retro fans like me and my pals watching religiously every Monday night.

I also like this new wrestler who actually is now the champion thanks to being Triple H's work-out buddy. His name is Seamus, who might be the unintentionally funniest and goofiest wrestler I have ever seen. His gimmick is that of being a Celtic Warrior, and he is the only interesting new talent on the show with a unique persona who can work the microphone.

I spent a lot of hours tonight finally beating Super Mario Bros. for Wii. Well, I beat Bowser and saved the princess, but still have to collect all of the Star coins to unlock new worlds and truly beat the game. It's hard to be an obsessive-compulsive Mario Bros. video game player, or simply obsessive about anything nowadays. How I only wish I could watch DVD extras, or go on-line to catch internet exclusive viral videos of my favorite television shows like I used to be able to do. When is "too much" really too much? Uggh!


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