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Thursday, December 3, 2009

My TV To Do List

This past year I was able to get into Weeds, Breaking Bad Season 1, Friday Night Lights, Hung, Flash Forward, and Glee. With a new year coming about, I definitely have to catch up some more TV shows that I've been hearing great things about. Some of them are no longer on, so it should be easy to churn those out. But I really need to catch up on some of the shows that are still airing. My resolution is to get all caught up on the following shows between now and December of 2010. If there is any show that I'm missing on here, please let me know. And please don't mention Modern Family, I've given that show plenty of chances and it just doesn't do anything for me.

Breaking Bad Season 2- I absolutely loved Season 1, and can't wait to catch Season 3 in March. I so hope that Cablevision will put the second season on demand so I can catch up on what I honestly think is the best show on television. Check out my review from a weeks ago to get the gist of this amazing program.

Friday Night Lights Season 3 and current season- I still have two episodes left of Season 2, then it's on to Season 3. Considering that I just quit Blockbuster Total Access because they flat out suck and the stores don't carry any of the seasons, it looks like I'm going to have to subscribe to Netflix to grab these. Season 4 is currently on Direct TV, but I hope to catch up so I can watch these episodes on NBC when they reair them in the spring.

Sons Of Anarchy- I knew this show was right up my alley when the trailer for the first season were shown in movie theaters. I always forget that FX is a channel, and seemed to have missed the first two seasons. It's a program with an arc about bikers and rednecks. Cool! I just read that the second season ended on a super cliffhanger. When it comes back in the summer of 2010, I hope to be on board if I enjoy the first two seasons.

Oz- Before The Wire, Oz was the first HBO drama that really created waves with viewers. Many of the stars of the show went on to other big roles on The Sopranos, Dexter, Lost, and The Wire. It's about the inner workings at a state prison, and lasted for five or six seasons. I caught the first episode of season one and thought it was good although very spooky. Peter Criss from Kiss made a cameo on one of the episodes which makes this series even more important to watch.

True Blood- I'm not a big fan of Vampire stuff, but it seems that people are really in love with this show. Plus, any time you get gratuitous nudity from Anna Paquin and Lizzy Caplan, you can't go wrong. There are two previous seasons I need to watch so I can get caught up for Season 3 when it returns in the summer. I'm not sure I'm going to like this one, but want to give it the benefit of the doubt before possibly trashing it.

Leverage- I had no idea what this even was until I saw the Season One DVD in Target the other day. It stars Timothy Hutton (an Oscar winner might I add!) who runs scams with his cohorts against the corrupt and greedy. Sounds like my cup of tea. Doing some research on-line, it looks like Season 2 just ended, and a third season has been picked up by TNT. I'll probably wait until summer to get a hold of this one, but looks promising.

Monk- The series has finally come to a close, and I'm curious to see why Tony Shalhoub has beaten Steve Carrell of The Office for an Emmy twice. It's about a obsessive-compulsive detective that has aired on USA the past few years. My aunt loved the show, and it definitely is a show I can relate to considering my OCD can also get the best of me at times.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia- Another show on FX that I missed. Supposedly, the humor is edgy and cool, but not for everybody. It even has Danny Devito in the cast. It's been on for three or four seasons, and could be a great one.

Californication- My brother likes this one, and eventually I'll catch up on it. I hear the nudity on this show is off the charts. And bringing on Rick Springfield this season sounds intriguing.

My plans sounds like a winner! Although with a baby on deck in April, I'm sure my goal to watch this much television is going to probably fall by the wayside. Although having the baby wake me up at night to feed him/her and put them back to bed might inspire me to watch some of these show in the wee hours of morning before work. The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!

Tomorrow I'll look at the upcoming movies I need to catch on Free Tuesday nights!

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