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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Music That Matters: Top 50 Movie Symphonies (#39 Rudy & Tripper by Elmer Bernstein)

Meatballs is lauded as one of the funniest movies ever and the film that put Bill Murray on the fast track to success. But what a lot of people seem to have forgotten is that the movie also had a brilliant score composed by Elmer Bernstein. #39 on the countdown is titled "Rudy And Tripper". It's a nice little ditty that we hear for the first time in the movie as we find out that Rudy Gerner is running away from summer camp. Rudy has been having a tough time making friends and is hated by his peers because he cost them an important soccer game. Tripper played by Bill Murray happens to come by the bus station and sees his future protege upset. They have a moving conversation in which Bill Murray mixes great comedy with a beautiful speech about Rudy already having made a good friend. And that friend is him. See the Youtube scene below, it's a classic scene that I have watched so many times over the years and absolutely adore. We also hear the song again midway in the movie when Tripper is out for his morning run. Rudy is mysteriously up and at em bright and early as his fellow campers are asleep in the bunk. He runs out to meet up with his new friend and catches up to Tripper as he is struggling to keep his breath. They have a another nice conversation, and the scene hints at what's to come later at the end of the movie. There are various versions of the song. The first time we hear the song, it features an acoustic guitar. Where as the second time during the job, the flute stands out with a nice combination of strings and xylophone. The actual melody is repeated in the hit single Good Friend that was obviously written by Bernstein. Good Friend was recorded by Mary MacGregor for the film, and had moderate success on the charts in 1979. Who knows, it might be suitable for a future Out There! article.

Ladies and gentlemen.... #39 Rudy & Tripper from Meatballs!!!

And as a bonus, I have to include the legendary motivational speech in Meatballs from Bill Murray in which he states that it just doesn't matter!!!!

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