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Friday, November 6, 2009

A Very Special Interview: Shootin' The Shizz with Clayton Rohner (Part Two)

After Just One Of The Guys, you did April Fool's Day which is a pretty legendary movie as well. I don't remember, were you the bad guy?
Clayton: No, no, no. I think it was the girl.
Mikey: It was Deborah Goodrich? She was the bad one, right?
Clayton: I had sex with Deborah Goodrich and she cut off my thing.
Mikey: That's right. That movie was weird. The only reason I watched it was because you were in it. I was like, wait a minute, that's the guy from Just One Of The Guys.
Clayton: And that's the same bed that Jack Nicholson had sex with Susan Anspach in Five Easy Pieces.
Mikey: Get out of here.
Clayton: Yeah, the same one we did in April Fools Day.
Mikey: That's amazing.
Clayton: Yeah, very cool.

Mikey: So after April Fools Day, you had some minor roles. And then you were on Good Vs. Evil on USA.
Clayton: Yeah, that was my favorite job.
Mikey: How many years did that show run?
Clayton: Just one.
Mikey: Just one?
Clayton:Yeah, but over a two year period.
Mikey: I remember WWF promoted it a lot. You had Mick Foley on one episode.
Clayton: I know and I came to the Meadowlands and I introduced The Rock and Mick Foley at a big huge event.

Mikey: So after Good Vs. Evil, well you mentioned that was one of your favorite jobs. Why was it so great?
Clayton: Because he was on it (points to Marshall Bell. Trust me, you know who Marshall Bell is, he's in so many movies. He was the gym instructor in Nightmare On Elm Street 2, the bad guy in Twins, the bad cop in Airheads who was instructing Michael Richards character what to do inside the building)
Mikey: Oh Marshall Bell was on it? Oh I didn't know that.
Clayton: Yeah, and Richard Brooks from Law & Order.
Clayton: It was done by the Pates. They were these genius kids. It was just this breakout weird show that had a real retro 70's look. And it had a cult following. I mean, the guys from X-Files, the writers. The head writers would literally tape it and all get together once a week and watch it. They said it was the only show they did that on.
Mikey: Wow!
Clayton:And then Joss Whedon loved it (Joss Whedon is best known for creating hit TV shows like Firefly, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Dollhouse) and got me a part on Dollhouse.
Mikey: Oh you were on Dollhouse?
Clayton: Yeah. The inside industry loved that show. It was just really original and the DP was this unknown guy, Michael Grady. And now he's huge. He's a huge DP.
Mikey: Wow.

Mikey: So we also mentioned what happened afterwards. We saw you on Weeds. We were talking about it a little before.
Clayton: Yeah that was a bust. (Before the interview, we discussed some other topics including Weeds. He mentioned that he thought his character was going to be expanded on but it never happened. He filmed a scene as Shane Botwin's soccer couch, but didn't have much dialogue. I told him I was bummed because once I saw him, I was hoping he was going to play a bigger part on the show) Then I did Daybreak, I was going to be the bad guy and then it got cancelled. I was the one making the day go over and over again. Some pilots, I guess.

Mikey: So we mentioned Weeds, and some other pilots. Where can we see Clayton Rohner in the upcoming year?
Clayton: Umm, just the stuff I did last year. I'm starting to go up for pilots. I want to get back on a series. I'm just crawling my way back out. You know, back up the ladder. So we shall see. I have nothing planned, no jobs on the horizon but I'm working steadily so we'll see.

Mikey:You mentioned that you had an editing company, what's that about?
Clayton:Oh I got rid of that. I used to make demo reels for actors. I took it over from a friend of mine who was having some hard times.
Mikey: That's interesting. (There I go again!)
Clayton: I teach. I keep busy by teaching actors.
Mikey: Oh! Where are you teaching?
Clayton: I have a theater called the Barn. I teach about two nights a week, Wednesday or Thursday.
Mikey: Where's The Barn at? Is it in California on in New York?
Clayton: Right in L.A.
Mikey: Get out of here.
Clayton: Yeah, right in Hollywood. Down the street from my house.
Mikey: Have you taught anyone who has gone on to bigger and better things?
Clayton: Well, I've coached some people. I couched Noah Wyle on some stuff. I coached one of my students who is now on Castle, Seamus Dever. Work on and off, nobody big yet.

Mikey:Just another Just One Of The Guys question which I probably have to end it with. When the movie ends, Rick is there and he says...
Clayton: We actually shot two endings on that too. Two or three.
Mikey: Oh, then we got to find out about that then, what do you think really happened after that. I mean Terri lied to him. She saw him naked in the shower room, she saw him in the bathroom. Rick had to have felt so demoralized. Why did Rick go back to her at the end?
Clayton: Why did he?
Mikey: Yeah!
Clayton: Yeah because he.. (Laughing) Wouldn't you?
Mikey: C'mon, Deborah Goodrich was pretty hot too. She liked you after you beat up Zabka.
Clayton: You know maybe if we redid the movie, I would go with Deborah.
Mikey: (Laughing)
Clayton: She was very sweet. Low maintenance. You know, Joyce is a lot of maintenance. Her character was.

Mikey:You mentioned different endings. What were the different endings?
Clayton: I'm trying to think. We did one on the football field which I don't think was in the movie, right?
Mikey: No, not at all.
Clayton: We had one on the football field where I show up and I kiss her on the football field. The motorcycle one was kind of silly.
Mikey:I didn't like that one.
Clayton: Yeah me neither. I didn't understand that. But there was kind of a rush at the end. You know how they rushed endings back in those days.
Clayton: Joyce (Hyser) is a really engaging person. She wins you over. She is, she is just so adorable. She's a tough feisty Philly girl, but she's adorable as hell. Sexy. Although Deborah Goodrich was very sexy too.
Mikey: Umm.
Clayton: I'm getting the feeling you liked Deborah Goodrich better. I'm getting that feeling, I have to take another look here (Clayton takes a look of the photo)
Mikey: I love Deborah Goodrich.
Clayton: That's Leah Pinsent (Pinsent appeared in April Fools Day)
Mikey: Yeah, there was Deborah Foreman too. Wasn't Deborah Foreman in April Fools Day too? (Foreman was best known for playing the female lead alongside Nicholas Cage in Valley Girl)
Clayton: Deborah Foreman was the lead. Deborah Foreman looks so good right now. She looks beauuuuuiful. I saw her about a year ago at a bar and she looked stunning.

Mikey: So in terms of Just One Of The Guys, was there any improv on set?
Clayton: On Just One Of The guys, no, just the physical comedy was improved.
Mikey: Even Billy Jacoby's lines. I mean, he had some of the classic lines in that movie.
Clayton: I don't know if Billy made any of that up. Who knows with him? I'm sure that he did with some of that stuff. He was funny.
Mikey: He was hilarious. Even now.
Clayton: Yeah and when you look back on it, it's one of the things that really holds up in the movie how stupid and silly and funny he is.
Mikey: (laughing) It was classic.

Mikey: I'm trying to think if I have any more questions for you.
Clayton: I'm trying to think what Billy Zabka did after this. Did he do a series?
Mikey: He did Back To School with Rodney Dangerfield and then he just kind of disappeared. I think his dad had a TV jingle company or something. Because I looked on-line and his dad had some TV music or music in movies or something like that. That was pretty interesting.

Mikey: Have you ever directed?
Clayton: Some people have asked me why don't I since I teach acting. I don't know, I did some script writing with a guy. The guy who wrote Enemy Of The State (Clayton is referring to David Marconi who also wrote Live Free Or Die Hard) and I was helping him as an assistant. Well, co-writing and cleaning up some of his stuff. I did that and a couple of things we did for hired. Some rewrites we did, I don't know what ever happened with it. That was really exciting. Directing is kind of like, I see somebody like Peter Berg.
Mikey: I've been watching a lot of Friday Night Lights, what do you think of that show? It's terrific, right.
Clayton: No, but the Rundown and..
Mikey: Hancock
Clayton: Yeah, Hancock. and the Middle East movie
Mikey:Three Kings?
Clayton:No he did the one with Jamie Foxx.
Mikey:Jarhead? Was it Jarhead?
Clayton: No, no.
Mikey:Oh wait, I know what you are talking about.
Clayton: The guy from Arrested Development, Jason Bateman was in it. What's her name?
Mikey: Jessica Biel?
Clayton: No, not Jessica Biel. The one from Alias.
Mikey: Oh, Jennifer Garner.
Clayton: Yes, c'mon
Mikey: Oh what's that movie? (Of course I knew it, just it totally slipped my mind at the time, it was The Kingdom)
Clayton: You know what it is. It was great, really well done.
Mikey: I know the movie. I haven't seen it but I know what it is.
Clayton: Oh, it was so good.
Mikey: Oh my God, it's killing me now.
Clayton: I mean you look at somebody like him and directing on that medical show he did (Clayton was referring to Chicago Hope) and then did that Vegas thing he did, it was great. I don''t know, I need to get some more damn jobs. If Good Vs. Evil went on, I would have directed. He would have too. (points over to Marshall Bell)
Mikey: Marshall Bell was telling me some interesting stories as well.
Clayton: Him? I can't. They are all triple x rated.
Mikey: I was talking to him. He was the first guy to ever be raped by Freddy Krueger.
Clayton: I'm sure he was the last guy to be raped by Freddy Krueger. I'm sure he did nothing after that. He gave up.

Mikey: I'm thinking if there is anything else. Is there anything you want to say to your fans?
Clayton: Thanks for being loyal supporters and I'm glad you liked the movie because it was a blast to make.

Mikey: Do you have kids?
Clayton: No. I...
Mikey:Because I was.
Clayton: It's a complicated thing.
Mikey: I don't want to get into anything..
Clayton: I have a girlfriend. I don't know what we are right now, but she has two kids.
Mikey: Do those kids watch that movie and say Hey Clayton?
Clayton: They do have a copy of it. They have watched it. It didn't get me any play whatsoever and they didn't like me any better.
Mikey: That's a shame.
Clayton: I know, little brats. They live in Phoenix too, right where we shot.
Mikey: That's right

Mikey:Anyway time is up, we got twenty minutes.
Clayton: What's the name of your blog? (We discussed it after the recording, and he liked the term Misenpopic but asked me if I knew the opposite of the word.)
Mikey: I'll tell you in a sec. This is Mike with Clayton Rohner checking out. Expect the article up in a week or so.

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