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Sunday, November 15, 2009

MisenPOPic Update 11/15/09

Wow! A Sunday where I wasn't totally bombarded with TV programs to watch. Mad Men is over until next summer, and I can always watch Family Guy on Hulu tomorrow. I did record the remake of The Prisoner on AMc which has gotten good reviews, but who knows when I'll watch it? It's on the queue with the first two episodes of V that I still need to watch. Tonight, only Dexter was on the docket. Dexter was great, but I really don't understand why they show so much on their sneak previews for next week. Can't the creative staff of Dexter learn from Mad Men? If you ever watch a Mad Men sneak preview for the following week, they show clips but give away absolutely nothing. I've learned my lesson, and because I'm old-school in the sense that I like surprises, no more watching the sneak previews for next week's Dexter episodes. So I now know Trinity is going to kill the reporter, and Rita is cheating on Dexter already. It's just stupid.

I also had a great weekend. Got my groove on at my buddy Henry's wedding today without a drop of alcohol in my system. I didn't know I still had the dance moves, but that's what happens when songs like Please Don't Stop The Music by Rihanna and Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' by Michael Jackson start playing. Fora brief moment, I felt like I was back in college dancing with my buddies although I'm now a taken man with a baby on the way. :) Good stuff.

Hopefully this week, I'll get around to writing my Chiller #2 article and some other hunky dory articles about random pop culture stuff. You keep on reading, I'll keep on writing.


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