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Sunday, November 22, 2009

MisenPOPic Treat: Live Blog of The American Music Awards

12:08- Well, my brother never told me his computer was a piece of crap, so the blog cut out right around the end of the show. Maybe that deserves a blog all unto itself. To show the world that current artists are still on the money, Taylor Swift was given Artist Of The Year over Michael Jackson. Not like it matters much anyway. So our man Adam Lambert ended the show with his new single, For Your Entertainment. He not only stole the show with the best performance of the night, but you'll be hearing about it in the papers and on all the blogs tomorrow. Lambert took one of his dancer's heads and rubbed it on his crotch much to the dismay of the crowd. A few minutes later, he made out with the gothic dude playing synthesizer for 20 seconds. I don't really care whether he is gay or not, but did he cross the line tonight. I personally don't think so, and this controversial performance will make him a superstar. He could well be the male 2010 version of Madonna!! He's got the charisma, he's got the voice, he's got the talent, and he's got the ego. Say what you want about him and his open sexuality, but you can't get past the fact that Lambert is the best talent American Idol ever found. And his new album is going to see some nice sales upon release on Tuesday! Other than Adam Lambert's performance, the AMA's were a complete waste of time. Hope the Grammys can do better.

10:34- I'm proud to say I'm a fan of Green Day. I remember seeing them open up for Blink-182 in 2001 performing their greatest hits. That night, I told my brother that they had a nice little run, but they are simply a nostalgia band now. Two years later, American Idiot came out. And now they are the torch bearers of what's left of real rock & roll. Although the political messages in the music kind of bothers me. Looking forward to seeing them perform 21 Guns.

10:32- Yeah, now the real Nelly Furtado comes out and the song begins to pick up.

10:30- Yeah, Shock Value 2 is coming out. Timbaland's new single with Nelly Furtado!! It could be good or it could be really bad. Again, seeing this crap live probably doesn't do this justice. I'll wait to hear the album before I judge if Timbaland still is relevant. Wait a second, is that a "fake" Nelly Furtado? Sounds like her, but doesn't look like her at all.

10:25- I'm not the biggest fan of hip hop, but can appreciate it. But watching these hip hop artists perform live is like watching Disney On Ice in high school. Both are pretty much as irritable as you can get! By the way, 50 Cent needs all of the help he can get right now.

10:20- Maybe Adam Lambert's performance tonight will be as memorable as Michael Jackson's at the 1983 Motown Retrospective, or Milli Vanilli's on Club MTV. We will find out soon.

10:18- Ladies and gentleman.... Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine, and Don Jamieson. I wish. Perhaps they can come out and give a lifetime achievement to Firehouse.

10:15- My brother just brought up a good point. Doesn't it seem that Alicia Keys performs twice at the awards shows she is at? I don't mind though because she is nice on the eyes. I give her props. I wasn't impressed in 2001 when she won the Grammy for Best New Artist, but she seems to get better and better with each new album. I'll take her over Rihanna anyday of the week.

10:13-Michael Jackson vs. Eminem vs. TI? Uggh! How funny would it have been if TI won this? I just saw a commercial for the Jacksons reality show, seriously this is getting out of hand. It's safe to say we'll be seeing Jermaine a lot over the next few months at the Oscars, Golden Globes, and Grammys.

10:11- Carrie Underwood had a nice little run, but the crown now belongs to Taylor Swift. How great would it be if Kanye West actually went to England to interrupt her speech?

10:01- Whitney Houston looks like she has got her act together. Hope she can pull out another hit single, although it's doubtful. Goes to show you that Mary J. Blige is not even in the same league. Always brings a smile to my face to see the performers I respected when I was younger. Now bring out Lionel Richie, dammit!

9:57- Samuel Jackson is also looking to set the record for most awards shows ever to go with his list of total films He must be at 50 awards shows, and that includes video game awards and the ESPYS.

9:50- Can Adam Lambert save this show? Stay tuned.

9:48- Sorry J-Lo, you are yesterday's news. It might be in your best interest to get that sex tape released to resurrect your career. It looks she is about to sing a cover of I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson.

9:45- Has there been more performances than actual awards? LOL, Gloriana just won the award for breakthrough artist over Lady Gaga and I have no clue. But listening to their song as they came on stage, they sound pretty good. Glad that even the guy in the band has a sense of humor and realizes that most people still don't know who they are. I truly don't think the fans voted for this one. Conspiracy!!!

9:42- I've never understood why people fawn over Mary J. Blige. She does nothing for me. She's like the Winger of R&B music. It's okay, but nothing even remotely near the cream of the crop.

9:35- 2009, the year you could be a celebrity just because you have enough money to pay a good publicist. Perez Hilton, The Kardashians, Spencer and Heidi. We are living in such uncreative times.

9:29- Okay, okay. My brother showed some support and urged me to come back. Since this show is irritating me, I'll just keep on going with quips. Well, Lady Gaga is on now, maybe this show will pick up when she shows us her penis. You might be shocked, but I actually can tolerate Lady Gaga. Poker Face could be song of the year, it's chances are good since I don't listen to the radio much.

9:23- I'm giving up on this. This awards show is a total snoozefest. I'm missing Dexter for this. It's official, the music of today sucks. When a dead guy who hasn't released a new album in years is going to win Artist of the year, what does that tell you? Hope you enjoyed what I was able to write. I'll be back doing this for the Oscars and maybe the Grammys.

9:16- How crazy would it be if Rihanna and Chris Brown came out and performed together? Rihanna has a billion hit singles it seems like, but the only one that I can tolerate is Don't Stop The Music which is basically a funkier version of Michael Jackson's Wanna Be Startin' Somethin.

9:14- Kris Allen's first and last time at the music awards. When he's presenting an award with Demi Leodato, his chances for success don't look good. Wow, this must be the first awards show I've ever seen without Beyonce.

9:13- Do they really play country music in Australia? What a great niche in the market, a dude from down under playing country tunes? What's next, Ethiopians playing hard rock?

9:12-Is this the Zac Brown Band, or Alabama Juniors?

9:06- Jermaine soaking up Michael's success! And he has his kids up on stage and one of their names is Jermajesty. Jermaine even trying to use this overexposure to get his kids some recognition!

9:05- Didn't I tell you that the Aussie guitar player with Michael Jackson from This Is It was going to be big? She's at the awards, and she's going to take the award right now for Michael Jackson!!

8:59- Let's get ready for the most overplayed band of this generation! But I'll give some credit, in terms of great pop and dance songs, the Peas are in a class all to themselves. When we look back to the 00's many years from now, The Black-Eyed Peas will one of a handful of bands that people still remember.

8:53- Green Day wins yet another award. Back in 1995, did any of us think that Green Day would be the one band that is still going strong? Is Green Day's stuff from the late 90's now considered classic rock?

8:50- Alternative rock award. Oh boy!!! I'm sure all three of these bands never wanted this nomination.

8:49- Please god, don't let my son be anything like Perez Hilton!!

8:47- Is this supposed to be Jay-Z's We Didn't Start The Fire?

8:45- Here we go with another live performance of Empire State Of Mind. Great song thanks to Alicia Keys, but what the hell is Jay-z even saying? Maybe I should just write this blog like Jay-Z sings and I can beome a worldwide superstar. oiujimndfsnfnem, pkkseriojolk,s. pkrtopkoafkl mkj4 atkokrmtjoakrelt. Man, I hate this guy!

8:42- I hate Joe Perry! This guy is everywhere. No wonder Steven Tyler wants out of Aerosmith.

8:37- Hmm, a standing ovation for Kelly Clarkson. Surprised that got shown on air. By the way, how is this the return of Rihanna? Isn't she the same artist who has a new song on the charts every two weeks?

8:34- Another Awards show staple- Kelly Clarkson. Is it just me or is this show so super-produced? Will there be any surprises tonight? Highly doubtful.

8:33- Reba McEntyre- Yee haw!

8:30- Keith Urban is the money! Kiss A Girl is a great little number. I wonder if Kris Allen remembers singing it with him on American Idol. Kris Allen should start soaking up his fifteen minutes, because come Tuesday when Adam Lambert's album hits stores, Kris Allen's music career is over.

8:28- Good to know Julie Bowen will not just be known as Adam Sandler's love interest in Happy Gilmore.

8:24- Best Breakthrough artist, we get to vote. Nominees are Lady Gaga, Kid Cudi, Keri Hilson, and....Gloriana? Who the f*** is Gloriana? Why even vote, I'm sure Lady Gaga is winning this one.

8:22- I've always appreciated that AC/DC has never and will never show up at these award shows. It took a lot of coddling just to get them to accept their Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame nomination. What would ever happen if the Black-Eyed Peas or Beyonce stopped showing up? Shouldn't ask the question because it will never happen.

8:20- Does anybody still care about Shakira? I like the booty, but I've always thought her face was like butter! I wonder if Timbaland produced her album, maybe he could resurrect her career like he did for Nelly Furtado.

8:17- YAY! Daughtry!!! Is his new album still on the Top 40? Or has everybody already forgotten about him and moved on to Adam Lambert? I'll admit I like this guy. Corporate rock lives on!!

8:16- Should I even waste my time actually reviewing the awards? This might be the most predictable awards show ever. Why don't I know anybody who could get me into an AMA pool? Does Vegas even have odds on these awards. If so, you probably can bet $1 to win $1.05.

8:15- Best Country Band/Duo. Let me guess, Rascal Flatts?

8:10- Trivia question: What is the name of guy with the mohawk in Black-Eyed Peas? Actually you don't have to answer that, he's not the important anyhow. Also, have we confirmed if Will.I.Am and Wyclef Jean are not the same person?

8:09-Whoa! Is it me or is and Fergie at every single awards show, Obama appearance, Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction, Sesame Street, and movie?

8:08- Best Pop/Rock Band Duo Or Group. I don't even know the nominees, but let's give it to Black-Eyed Peas!!

8:07- Please don't tell me Russell Brand is hosting this!!!

8:03- Okay, maybe no Jermaine Jackson in the performance. But he must thank Michael's death for getting him prime time seats at every awards show in 2009 and probably 2010!

8:01- And Britney Spears gets crap for lip syncing? This performance is awful. Where is Jermaine Jackson to keep his 15 minutes of fame and maybe more by ripping open Janet Jackson's blouse? Six more minutes of this? Uggh!

8:00: Is this a repeat of the MTV music awards? Wow, it sounds like she's only promoting her new greatest hits album and not any of the hundreds of Michael Jackson posthumous hits albums!

7:57: Here we go with a play by play account of tonight's festivities. It's about to start in three minutes. Keep in mind that this is the same awards show that gave best hard rock performance in 1991 to Firehouse in the year that the Seattle grunge scene took over. You know who Firehouse beat for the award? Nirvana and Alice In Chains. I love Firehouse, they sang my wedding tune, Love Of A Lifetime. But it just goes to show you how relevant these awards are!!!


  1. A few contrary thoughts before I take off for the evening.

    *I actually think Janet was singing live. Keep in mind, this woman has been singing professionally for 35 years. I've seen her live. She can carry a tune.

    *Shakira's actually quite attractive. Then again, I'm gay. What do I know?

    *AC/DC's never showed up to any of these shows because they've never been nominated! I guarantee that if they were ever nominated for multiple Grammys or American Music Awards (or were notified that they were winners, since the AMAs notify the winners before the show), they would be there with bells on!

  2. I'm sure Janet can carry a tune, but have to call a lemon a lemon. She was mailing it in tonight.

    Shakira doesn't do anything for me, but apparently does for other guys.

    Actually, AC/DC has been nominated once for a Grammy, of course they didn't show. And when did you ever have to be nominated for an award to perform? Seriously, wouldn't it make sense for AC/DC to do the Super Bowl halftime show or the Grammys in a tribute to rock and roll? They would never do it, they are one of those bands who play by their terms and don't see any point in recognition, they just want to rock &roll. There is a new book out called why AC/DC matters, I have to pick it up.