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Monday, October 26, 2009

MisenPOPic Update 10/26/09

If you haven't noticed already, the blog is continuing to blossom. I'm still trying to tweak things, but also have to be more careful not to go overboard with what I write. Be warned there might be occasional foul language on here, and this isn't going to be your blog to read about the usual crap that appears on TMZ or Access Hollywood every day. It's going to feature personal stories about my love of pop culture, and features on musicians and actors who I appreciate who most others would throw their hand in air and say who?

The banner you see will probably be updated every two weeks. It will feature random TV characters, movie characters, rock stars, writers, wrestlers depending on my mood. The first one that's currently up features some of my favorite television characters. I have a buddy of mine working on a sharper graphic which should hit soon. I'm still trying to get a podcast going, but that might take some time.

I have noticed that I have been watching a lot of television over the past few months. My remote control is quietly jumping up the charts to be my new best friend. I'm enjoying Friday Night Lights at the moment. I also recently developed an urge to buy pop-culture T-shirts which I'd love to wear a new one every day of the week. In due time, in due time.

Anyway, keep on reading, and any feedback is most appreciated.


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