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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Mick Returns

Back in 1999, before this whole internet blogging and social network craze began, I had a little website where I wrote about my interests in pop culture while also paying tribute to the cast of characters I met at New Paltz. It was really just a side project for me, but I spent a lot of time writing and adding photos and I actually started to get people that I didn't even know to read the website. Then it stopped as I became inundated with work, marriage, and whatnot. I've tried every now and then over the past few years to start writing again, but it just never came to be. Until now. I'm serious about working on my time management skills and finding the time to do the things that I want to do which included writing about what's going on in today's world of pop culture. If the guy who can name every Oscar winner from 1970 from memory, or jumps on TV shows before they become phenomenons isn't blogging, there is a problem.

I do realize that I'm not as creative as I thought I was, and there is a saturation of blogs on the web that I'll never be able to compete with. But that conversation is for a future post. Had I stayed with my blog back in 2001, who knows where it would have led me, perhaps I could have been the next Bill Simmons of ESPN fame. The mission of this blog is to stimulate conversation about current trends, obscure trivia, and my feelings on the lack of creativity and loss of interest in a lot of things due to a variety of factors. I'll be talking about the current TV shows, awards shows, the state of the music industry, pop culture lists, and maybe even my life experiences that were influenced by pop culture. The other mission of this blog is to enhance my writing skills and get into a groove so it becomes secondhand for me to do this. I figure since I've been keeping lists since I was 7 years old of favorite movies, theme songs, etc, it's time to share my thoughts.

I'll be putting up some archived stuff this week, and the mission begins on Monday after my return from the Twin Cities.

Be warned, I will curse, I will stammer, I will bitch. And the reason being is because I'm not just misenthropic, but I'm also misenpopic (trademark pending!).

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